Oldest ferris wheel in Italy spins again thanks to Amusement Technical

Posted by Sean Brian

Amusement Technical was retained by Luneur Park to restore Italy’s oldest Ferris wheel at its park in Rome. The Pinfari wheel, one of only two manufactured had not turned in over 8 years.

Amusement Technical was contracted to design and fit a replacement control system. The original drive system had been lost when the park closed 8 years ago. Amusement Technical installed a PLC and safety control and 8 AC motors. The wheel has automatic parking and loading functionality with pneumatic breaks.

Sean Brian, Managing Director, Amusement Technical says:

“This is now a much more efficient control than the previous hydraulic system with no latent energy and makes for a smooth and safe ride. In addition to the control we also reengineered the wheel spokes since these had buckled previously. The Ferris Wheel is now restored to its former glory.”

Abandoned for nearly 10 years, Italy’s oldest theme park, Luneur Park in Rome reopened in October. Geared towards children under 13 the 7-hectare park site features 25 attractions including, its largest ride, a giant multi-coloured Ferris wheel.

Video of the first time the wheel turned in 8 years