Lost river found again at Flamingo Land Resort

Posted by Sean Brian

Amusement Technical was contracted by Flamingo Land to replace and upgrade its showpiece Lost River Ride’s control system.

The water ride was bought by Flamingo Land in the early 1990s from Swiss manufacturer Bear Rides, which no longer trades. The ride, though always safe for passengers had a cumbersome control system which was difficult for the ride operator to maintain.

Sean Brian, Managing Director, Amusement Technical explains:

“There was a real lack of clarity with the control system because the manufacturer had made bespoke modifications to proprietary equipment. This resulted in an overly complex operation. Amusement Technical delivered a fully EN13814 compliant, brand new PLC and drive system which ensures the operator can easily control the ride as it takes passengers on a gentle riverboat safari and then onto a sixty-foot plummet down the Lost River falls.”

Flamingo Land is delighted with the result and has placed an order with Amusement Technical for a new Monorail which will be opened in time for the next season.