Amusement Technical keeps pirate boats afloat

Posted by Sean Brian

Amusement Technical has completed its sixth pirate boat drive replacement system.

Designed to replace aging and obsolete hydraulic and DC drive systems in pirate boats, the system is suitable for rides of any size by any manufacturer.

To date the system has replaced both Huss and SDC manufacturers.

There are basically 4 main elements to the system:

1. Motor drive unit
2. Control cabinet
3. Operator panel
4. Top encoder and home sensor assembly

Sean Brian, Managing Director, Amusement Technical comments: “We are seeing a real surge in demand for the replacement of legacy hydraulic and DC drive systems in pirate boats and other rides. The rides are all structurally sound but need a system overhaul to ensure the further longevity of the investment.”

Brooke Farr, Director, Canobie Lake Park comments: “Amusement Technical installed our pirate boat with this solution. We were impressed at how quickly the new system was installed and it has effectively given us a new ride at the fraction of the cost.”